Five Figure Freedom Mindset: Setting Power Goals

How to Set Powerful Goals You Can Achieve

In order to set powerful goals that are achievable, take some time to research the dreams you have to find out if they’re even doable. You do want to challenge yourself some but you don’t want to make the goals so hard that you experience only failure. It is wise to follow a pattern of established success. To ensure maximum success, make sure that your goals meet the following criteria.

Match Your Core Values

The more any goal fits into one of the four main areas of life – Family, Financial, Physical or Personal – the more likely you are to be able to set a realistic goal that you can achieve. If a goal for some reason doesn’t fit into one of your core values, it’s not likely you’ll experience much success. People who believe money is evil will not do well in the Five Figure Freedom course because it goes against their values. You have to open up your mind to the good money can do rather than seeing it as evil.

Be 100 Percent in Control

While goals that rely on others aren’t wrong, they are harder to achieve. Any goal that you control 100 percent is a goal that you can reach. Do ensure that you’re not letting fear get in your way or blaming fate for your failures, though. Self-limiting beliefs can get in your way on this one. Be realistic about whether you do have control or not and give yourself more credit. For example if you think you do not have control over your financial future because “that’s just how it is,” you are mistaken and need to eliminate this line of thinking. You will learn all the action steps that you personally need to take in the Five Figure Freedom course. You will be in charge of taking action and you will be in charge of your success or failure. i want to see you as a success in 2017.

Be Able to Envision the Goal

If you can’t see the end result, it will be very difficult to move forward toward achieving the goal. If you need to draw a picture, make a vision board, or take a day out to fantasize about your big dreams and see how they all fit together in the big picture of your life, do so. You need to see the end to be able to truly achieve it. Picture yourself holding a check or surrounded by money representing the goal you have set. If your goal is weight loss, see yourself smiling and proud at your goal weight. Love yourself now, just as you are and realize your goals can be achieved. See yourself at the finish line.

Be Spelled Out Specifically

Every goal you make needs to be very specific in nature. If you really want to be sure to reach the goal, you have to know when you reached it. Instead of saying “I want to start a business,” state exactly what type of business you want to start, who you want to be your clients, and other information that makes the goal more concrete. Remember to be specific with any goal. “I want to make $1,000 in the next 30 days with the Five Figure Freedom course,” is more specific than “I want to make some extra money.”

Be Measurable

At which point have you achieved the goal? If you can’t give a number or something that is measurable, then you won’t have a real goal. If you want to use the business example, you might include that you want to earn x amount of dollars each week by a certain date and then how and why you are going to do it. Have a goal that you can be sure if you have attained it or not. Your end goal with the Five Figure Freedom Success blueprint should be to make five figures each month. As soon as you make 10,000 in a month then you know if you have met the measurable part of the goal.

Be Actionable

To achieve any goal there has to be steps that you can take to get there. Like using a map to reach a destination that you want to go to on vacation, you need to draw a map to your vision of success with the steps and paths you’ll take along the way. Put not only what but when, and how you’ll accomplish the step. That is why I like the Five Figure Freedom course. It shows you the exact actions you need to take to make five figures each month. The course is taught by a millionaire who shows you the exact actions he took to get to his current success.

Be Realistic

You don’t want to write a goal that is too hard to achieve or worse, impossible. Be sure that it’s scientifically possible to do it by researching everything realistically. For example, you’re not likely going to start a business today and earn six figures by tomorrow or even the first year in business. Look at the research and determine what is doable and how you’ll do it. There are people making five figures on the net right now.Many of them are students of Brendan Mace and Justin Spencer… They are of course the creators of the Five Figure Freedom blueprint. It is realistic, that if you follow their system and work hard (take action) you could make five figures monthly before this year is up. How soon depends on the effort and action you put in and if you follow the advice given in the system.

Be Timely

Every goal has to have a time limit otherwise you may never achieve it. Start with the end and work your way back to today, creating the list of things to do each day to finally reach the end result. But, do set a time limit. You can adjust as you get into the project if it works to be more realistic, but resist the urge to change the time because you’re not sticking to your task lists. Decide what your goal is for each day, week, month etc…

If you use this method to create powerful goals that you can achieve, you will not experience a lot of failure because you can always adjust your time line and your goals as you learn more. The important thing is to give each goal a lot of thought, consideration and study before setting it. You can study a successful system with the Five Figure Freedom system of course. Let’s find a way to get you to making five figures this year.